SPSS 24.0

Analytical-process software that helps the user forecast what will happen next with their research

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IBM SPSS Statistics is a software program that allows people to easily manage their data and research information.

Pros of Using IBM SPSS Statistics:

  • Easy to Show Data in Graphs:

    One of the most important advantages that users will find by using IBM SPSS Statistics is that it allows the user to display stored data in an intricate graphic or chart. This is important because it allows people to more easily visualize the information that is being given by the statistics. The developers designed this feature for professionals who analyze data and use said data to solve problems. This feature, among many others provided, makes it easy for users to collate data, ordinarily a very time-consuming process.

  • Detail Analysis:

    The detail analysis functions of IBM SPSS Statistics allows users to closely examine gathered data. Through this analysis, it is possible to find patterns and trends that might have been otherwise overlooked. By exploiting these trends, it makes it possible to suggest changes to a business and thereby maximize their profit margins. Users can change variables in the data and then can model the results of those changes, which makes it easier for a business to decide whether a change will be effective or not.

  • Easy to Share:

    As the user collects information, it is often necessary to keep other managers and higher-ups in the loop about what's on the display. It is easiest to simply show the data to the managers in a format that is easy to understand. As a result, some of the graphical analysis of the data compatible with email or otherwise shared with the managers through a variety of networks.

Cons of Using IBM SPSS Statistics:

  • Huge Download:

    The download for this program is very large and will take an extended period of time for the computer to fully process it. As a result, it is necessary for a person to schedule a time when his or her computer cannot be turned off or otherwise used effectively as the program installs. With some foresight, the user may not find the installation as irritating and inconvenient as it otherwise could be.

  • Somewhat Complicated:

    This is important to note because it is unlikely for a person to immediately grasp how to use the program due to the sheer amount of different options. It will take some time for a person to figure out how the program can best be used to fit his or her needs.

  • For Professionals Only:

    This software is really only for professionals who will not only be able to devote the time to learning the program, but also be able to figure out the fairly complicated website. It is unlikely for the average person to effectively use this program because they may not have enough time to actually learn it.

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